1. Your first truly personal glasses

    Give us 5 minutes of your time and design the perfect glasses that you were not able to find before.

  2. Yes, sunglasses too

    Psst, you can even get sunglasses in your prescription. Have you ever heard of them before? Well now you do.

  3. Protect from your screens

    Blue light can be avoided and you can feel so much better at evening after long working days. Your eyes deserve better. Follow instructions in check-out cart for this option.



High class: tinted eyewear lenses and our unique eyewear frames meets together on your nose.

Our sunglasses lenses are supplied by two laboratories:

LTL mirror sunglasses lenses

HOYA tinted sunglasses lenses

Prescription Glasses

Nearsighted and farsighted people are shouting in joy Because they can order our great dear deer eyewear for their daily wear. We use wonderful HOYA eyewear lenses for most of our prescription eyewear orders. These lenses feature light green tint, a coating that is scratch resistant together with great anti-reflective coating.

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